Continental Salvage, Your Salvage Solution

Continental Sales “Lots 4 Less” has been a trusted source of salvage products in the Chicago area since 1965. For over 45 years we have worked hard to gather the best products available and offer them in bulk, or otherwise, at a highly discounted rate.


The inventory at Continental Sales “Lots 4 Less” is composed primarily of closeout materials and anything acquired through surplus and salvage. Closeout materials tend to come from businesses that are going out of business, or closing, as the name suggests. While a business closing its doors is an unfortunate event, customers like you get to benefit from this event buy purchasing their left over merchandise at a highly discounted rate. Because a business needs to salvage what it can before closing, it often sells its remaining inventory off in bulk to a closeout retailer. Surplus works similarly, in that this is how businesses make room for new products. The last way we acquire materials is through salvage.

Salvaged products are products that have been rejected by their previous owners for various reasons. The reason for rejection tends to be along the lines of some sort of minor damage, a more popular competitor, or simply because it is being replaced. Most of these items, however, can still be put to great use. Imagine how many people buy a new computer every year, when their last computer was still working perfectly? This is the nature of progress, and many people can benefit from the products that get left in the dust.

Continental Sales “Lots 4 Less” purchases salvage products by the truckload. Our salvage products range in great distance, from private label food products, to name brand house hold accessories, to kitchen appliances and other electronics, and even plastics and furniture. Our inventory is huge, and the best part is that you are guaranteed a discounted price. Because salvaged materials cannot be sold at their original prices, every item at Continental Sales “Lots 4 Less” has been marked down for convenient purchase.

As they say, one man's junk is another man's treasure, and Continental Sales “Lots 4 Less” is full of treasure. Salvaged materials haven't been rejected for any practical purpose, except that they are no longer needed. These products are still just as good as their newer counterparts, in many cases, and the heavy price decrease that goes along with salvaged materials should be taken advantage of.

Continental Sales “Lots 4 Less” has been working as a salvage retailer for over 45 years. Serving Chicago, and the surrounding areas, since 1965, we take pride in providing high quality merchandise at a more reasonable and affordable price. We purchase materials of all kinds, from food to toys, in order to ensure that our customers are always met with a wide variety of shopping options. We are the largest closeout retailer in the area, selling the biggest range of quality items to the public. Take a moment to explore the rest of the site to find the perfect new items for your shopping cart. You can find everything you need to cook dinner, or even furnish an apartment, right here at Continental Sales “Lots 4 Less”.


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