Continental Sales “Lots 4 Less” has been a trusted source of closeout grocery products in the Chicago area since 1965. For over 45 years we have worked hard to gather the best products available and offer them in bulk, or otherwise, at a highly discounted rate. Through our retail channels we can sell your product quickly and discreetly.

Food & Grocery Liquidation

Grocery liquidators are a unique group of retail entities that purchase wholesale grocery liquidation products in order to sell them to the public at a discounted rate. Liquidation usually occurs when there is an extra surplus of supplies because product isn't selling well. There are many reasons for this to happen, including packaging issues, expiration date mistakes, or warehouse damage. When a business is having trouble moving particular products, they will try to cut their losses by selling what they have left to grocery liquidators at a discounted price.

Continental Sales “Lots 4 Less” acts as a grocery liquidator, selling items at a discounted price in order to provide the public with closeout and discontinued merchandise. Our products range from furniture, to holiday gifts, to clothing. Our grocery liquidation inventory includes a number of items, including short code and outdated products, beverages, canned fruits and canned vegetables, canned meat products, cookies, snacks, soups, and other retail, as well as institutional, items.

Many people prefer purchasing products from grocery liquidators because they don't have to exchange high quality for low price. Food items that are sold by Continental Sales “Lots 4 Less” are usually purchased for minor issues that don't affect the overall usability of an item. Imagine being able to buy ten cans of soup for the price of three, simply because they have a small dent. Or perhaps you enjoy cookies and other sweets, which can be quite pricey when purchased off the shelf. At a grocery liquidator you can get three times the candy at half the price simply because the printer was an inch off during the packaging process.

Grocery liquidation purchases are becoming more and more popular as food prices continue to rise. The average family can spend hundreds of dollars on food per month, easily. The merchandise provided by Continental Sales “Lots 4 Less” helps to alleviate stress caused by food costs, without sacrificing nutrition and variety. With canned foods ranging from fruits to meats, our products feed families at an affordable rate.

In addition to the wide range of benefits provided to the public by grocery liquidators, Continental Sales “Lots 4 Less” has a grocery liquidation specialist on staff. By utilizing the expertise of a specialist, our customers can rest assured that our products have been researched in order to provide the best prices, best variety, and best quality liquidation materials possible. Our liquidation specialists are dedicated to progressing the Continental Sales “Lots 4 Less” inventory to meet the demand of the public, and develop a one-stop shopping environment to cover various needs. To explore our range of available merchandise, and to learn more about our products, please take a moment to explore the rest of the site.

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