Continental Sales “Lots 4 Less” has been a trusted source of closeout general merchandise in the Chicago area since 1965. For over 45 years we have worked hard to gather the best products available and offer them in bulk, or otherwise, at a highly discounted rate.

Closeouts / Discontinued Merchandise

Unfortunately, the retail business isn't perfect. Sometimes a store runs out of money, sometimes a shipment of goods is damaged, and other times a product just isn't popular. During these situations there is often excess product that needs to be dealt with, and that is where closeout sales come into play.

Closeout sales are an exciting time for many people, as they tend to signify cheap prices and bulk quantities. Also known as clearance sales, closeout sales occur when the inventory of an item is near zero, so the price lowers to make room for new products. Closeouts happen when a product isn't selling well, or when a store is relocating or closing, hence the name closeout. Many closeout sales happen when a business has claimed bankruptcy, and these are also knows as a going out of business sale, which part of the liquidation process.

Sometimes products reach closeout stage because of a minor error on the part of the distributor. For example, many products sold here have a simple packaging issue, like a sticker that has been placed on the front of a package instead of the back. These products are perfectly safe and healthy to use or consume, and are not being sold at a discounted rate because of a safety violation or health concern. In many cases there may be dating issues, or warehouse damage, but these do not affect the use.

Many stores act as closeout stores, selling only this type of discounted merchandise. The products are purchased wholesale from other retailers so that they can be sold for cheaper. There are many closeout retailers located across the nation, as well as online vendors.

The best part about shopping from these sources is that you can often find discontinued merchandise in stock. Many products that have been sold during a closeout sale will disappear when the sale ends, or when the store is forced to close. Because companies like Continental Sales “Lots 4 Less” purchase closeout items in large quantities it is easier to keep items stocked. When discontinued items are eliminated from normal retail stock they are still available through closeout retailers.

Continental Sales “Lots 4 Less” carries closeout merchandise of many different varieties. From food to household items to furniture, toys, and gifts, the inventory is seemingly endless. Not only can you do all of your shopping in one place, but you can get a lot of good quality merchandise for a far discounted price. We have been doing business in the Chicago area for over 45 years, making us experts in distributing closeout and discontinued materials. Since 1965 we have been salvaging merchandise by the truckload in order to pass it on to the public at a discounted price. Closeout and discontinued products that we sell at Continental Sales “Lots 4 Less” include clothing, health and beauty products, plastics, textiles, canned foods, soups, cookies, snacks, pet supplies, and paper products. Explore the site in more detail to find exactly what you're looking for, and stock up at a cheaper price today..

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